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16  June

“I won’t be back to frontline politics”

09/06/2024 @ 06:17


Former Conservative Party leader William Hague has told our sister site MyWelshpoolTV that he won’t be returning to frontline politics, no matter what the result of the General Election on July 4.

In our exclusive interview, Lord Hague, who was out on the campaign trail supporting current MP, Craig Williams, said he was enjoying his professional roles away from politics, and would not be making “more comebacks than Frank Sinatra” having returned before to support David Cameron’s government.

He famously took on the Tory leadership after Tony Blair swept to power in 1997, and said the former Prime Minister “would never have a television debate with me” during their election fight in 2001.

He also told us why he chose the Welshpool area to call home, and his thoughts on what was a difficult week for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

To watch the full interview click here.

Over the coming weeks we hope to dedicate a MyWelshpoolTV interview to each of the parties hoping to win your vote on July 4.

The candidates (in no particular order):

Plaid Cymru: Elwyn Vaughan

Labour: Steve Witherden

Liberal Democrats: Glyn Preston

Reform UK: Oliver Lewis

Conservatives: Craig Williams

Green Party: Jeremy Brignell-Thorp